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Marquee Outdoor Light-up Letters

Mark Leigh
 Mark Leigh
(@Mark Leigh)
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Can someone please explain what is the best way to light up Marquees? Thanks.

Eran Braverman
Member Admin
Joined: 3 years ago
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Here are some tips:

1. Use lights with white cable. This will ensure your cables do not clash with the marquee.

2. Before you purchase, make sure you know your mesurements! Have a well thought out plan which includes how much lighting you need.

3. Always use LEDs (not halogens or fluorescents). 

4. Allow plenty of time to get the order through, particularly if you get them online.

5. Plan the extension cables - you will likely need quite a few + power boards.

6. They now make connectable lights, ie string lights that daisy chain together. Makes it MUCH easier if you can use these.

7. Use warm white (not cool white or daylight white). 

8. Be extremely careful where you put the plugs in case it rains.


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