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How to choose a good flood light

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Would appreciate some tips on how to choose a good flood light?

Eran Braverman
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Here is my complete guide to flood lights in summary form:

POSITION: First work out where you want the floodlight to be positioned - which can be anywhere from on the ground, low on the wall, high on the wall, or on a post.

BRIGHTNESS: This is critical, of course, particularly with flood lights because the brightness of a flood light can vary between sufficiently bright to illuminate a garden, right through to bright enough to illuminate a sport stadium. So you need to be VERY sure about how bright you need your flood light to be. There are various online tools that can calculate this, or you can use lighting software (such as Dialux) or lighting designers. Note that brightness is measured is Lumens, not Watts.

IP RATING: this measures how resistant the flood light is to dust and (more importantly) rain. At a minimum, it will be IP44 (which will be sufficient for most application) but some flood lights can go much higher. If you live in a storm area, for example, you might need a flood light with much higher IP rating.

BEAM ANGLE: By definition, most flood lights have a very broad beam angle (otherwise they are called spotlights). Generally flood lights have a beam angle between 100 and 120 degrees.

SENSOR: Some flood lights come with motion sensors, or day-night sensors. This needs to be thought about before you purchase the light. If you choose a motion sensor flood light, then detection angle and area become important.

COLOUR TEMPERATURE: This is not that important, as the vast majority of flood lights are either cool white or daylight white - but worth considering.


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